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A Particular Guide to High Speed Disperser and Types

Now-a-days our generation is growing more concerned with how their favorite stuffs came to be. To know the right tools used to mix your product, you have come to the right place here. The industrial mixing plays a key role in helping companies produce the quality of products that we all enjoy. In this Blog we will learn about the most commonly used high shear mixer supplying customers throughout the world.

What is “High Speed Disperser” (HSD)?

A high speed disperser is the most commonly used high shear mixer. It consists of a disc shaped blade which is mounted at the end of the mixing shaft. The mixing shafts and blades are made in different sizes. 

To achieve high speed dispersion, the blades are rotated at an optimal speed to achieve the accurate flow pattern and a desired consistency in the mixing vessel. The right amount of dispersion will finally depend upon your mixing vessel size and the components you are mixing. 

Your container can vary from beaker to stainless steel tank. Generally, the HSD is designed for performing liquid mixing operations in which it is essential to lessen the pieces of one element or break apart a mass or group of particles. 
The majority of this dispersers work by employing counter-current mixing the subject differing materials to the right amount of force. There are different types of dispersers available having variable speed of mixing as below:

Lab High Speed Disperser

The typical High Speed Disperser is a mixing tool used in the process at industries. This Lab High Speed Disperser (LHSD) is mostly used in industrial department & research institute for scientific experiments in production recreation.
 Lab High Speed Disperser

Customized high speed disperser(CHSD)

The customize disperser is made for designing and fabricating custom-made High speed Disperser. Now you can fabricate various with High speed Dispersers as per custom's requirements with your production technology.


Vacuum high speed disperser
·        The new vacuum disperser used to design & prevent solvent volatization. Which can  be vacuumized to eliminate bubbles generated during production and to realize materials charging through vacuum, easier and more convenient process.
vacuum high speed disperser

The HSD is involved in dispersing blades turning at the appropriate amount of RPMs to crush a liquid or solid batch.
Designing of HSD is based on the following data.
1. Viscosity upto 50000cps
2. Tips speed of Agitator blade (24 to 26 m/s)
3. Horse power of Drive Motor
4. Dimensions’ of Vessel (D) (Diameter & Height) D=3d
5. Diameter of Agitator Blade (Cowl)
6. Clearance Between cowl (0.6d) and bottom of vessel
For better performance in designing your HSD go with the above specifications.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

High Quality Twin Shaft Disperser Machines Manufacturer and Suppliers in India

The Twin Shaft Disperser is perfectly used for pre-mixing as well as dispersing semi and high viscous material. These are available in customized size and are designed for easy installation and low maintenance. These top quality twin shaft disperser equipments are also implemented in various manufacturing industries for mixing large volume of viscous materials.
Twin Shaft Disperser

  • Better service lives
  • Rust proof surface finish
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • Easy installation
  • Safe operations
  • Surface resistant to corrosion
The Twin Shaft Disperser is perfect for Pigmentation, Dying, and Ink for Coating Printing and Water Base Exterior Paint for addition, dispersing and grinding. Best use of Disperser is to dissolve and dispersion of Liquid and liquid with solids.
Construction Material:
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
The Twin Shaft Disperser is also available in high speed and the other at slow. As per the client’s requirements, we can provide these twin shaft dispersers of TANK CAPACITY (L) form 150 to 2000.
Further, the chain of Twin Shaft Disperser is widely used for mixing our purpose of high viscous metals at variable atmospheric conditions and temperature.
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Basket Mill Delhi India

Basket Mill (Hydraulic Lifting) is a wet grinding machine applicable for middle and low viscosity fluids and batch type production equipment. Through all-direction strong momentum generated by irregular collision between the grinding beads, the particle size of the materials becomes smaller.It is suitable for coatings, inks, pigments, colorants, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries with high requirements of fineness.
The machine has altered traditional production processing by integrating dispersin.
Specifications : Tipco Basket Mill


  1. Labor-saving is one of the best characteristics of this Basket Mill. It combines both mixing process and grinding process in operation and within the same vessel. The processing time can be set by timer for optimal operation results without surveillances which relieve the burden of the experienced workers.
  2. The grinding chamber loaded with fixed quantity of grinding beads. the surrounding and bottom side of the grinding chamber equips with meshed screen. Inside the grinding chamber, the upper section equips with bar type impeller which drives the grinding beads with required energy for mixing and dispersing.
  3. The bottom section equips with propeller type impeller which inhale the materials down. The flow of the materials first inhale into the grinding chamber from the top opening, after dispersing, the materials pass through the meshed screen for next dispersing. The repeating cycles successfully achieve its required fineness. Basket mills apply for viscosity under 6000cps.
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Attritors Delhi, India

The attritor is often refered to generically as a stirred mill the operation of an attritor is simple and effective . the material to be ground is placed in stationionary tank with the grinding media, carbon steel, and stainless stell, chrome steel tunston carbide and ceramic balls are commanly used media.ATTRITOR MILL

The matitial and media are then agiated by the shaft with arms rotating at high speed this cause the media to exert both sheering and import forces on the matirials . the final result is remarkablly efficient process is an extremely fine matirial measured in microns or the fractions of microns distributed to a very narrow curve. It works upto ten times faster than the convential ball, pebble or jar mill. its compact, vertical profile requires minimal space no premixing is requiored. Adding ingredient can be done at any time during grinding .

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chemical Machinery, Detergent Making, Paint Machines, Polish Machines, Delhi India

Tipco Engineering Works incorporated in 1985 , primarily manufacturers of process plants and machinery required by the Vertical Mill, Sand Mill, Basket Mill, Chemical, Paint, Inks Pharmaceuticals, Minerals, Food, Polyester resins machines, Polyester Button and related Industries.

Over the years as the country was aiming towards self reliance and industrialization, our firm jointly with our clients took up the challenge in finding solutions and developing cost effective equipment's & process for meeting their stringent requirements. Along with the growth of our clients grew our reputation, experience and knowledge of the manufacturing process and technologies which we wish to pass on to industrialists & entrepreneurs desirous of setting up.

Today we manufacture a wide range of Bead Mills India, Mills India Mixers, Grinders, Dispersers, Milling, Drying and Separating equipment and many more for many industries. We have been working closely with our clients to tailor machines to their requirements. We offer trial runs on lab machines to get the manufacturing process right the first time.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with sufficient machinery and fabrication equipment. Over 90% of our jobs are carried out in house with a team of skilled work force and qualified engineers. Each stage of manufacture is closely inspected for quality and workmanship.

Plants and Machines manufactured by us are based on proven technologies presently operating successfully in India and Overseas. Therefore there is no delay in commissioning of plants & machinery manufactured by us. We guarantee 100% Hassel Free production from day one of commissioning. Due to our sound knowledge and working methods our client is kept well informed of all the hurdles he may face before and after commissioning of the Plant.

This we do in direct consultation with actual manufacturers in our country and with our highly experienced associates. Lastly the plants supplied by us are cost effective, utilizing low labor and keeps the clients best interest in mind. Spares are readily available.

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